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Here at Hire Intelligence, we were very disappointed to learn that MoPub, which Twitter acquired earlier this week, is not an app that helps you find and rate your nearest drinking establishment.  Rather, it is a leading mobile-focussed advertising exchange.

The acquisition was a key one for Twitter in the run up to their anticipated IPO which they fittingly announced in 140 words or less.  It is vital that Twitter demonstrates it has a growing stream of advertising revenue to avoid the post-float share price slump that Facebook suffered.

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Thanks to a problem I am having with my right hand I have found myself using the speech recognition facility contained in Windows 7.  It’s taken a little getting used to but is actually remarkably easy to use.  Certainly writing this blog is taking more time than it would if I were typing at full speed, but it’s a lot easier and quicker than typing with one finger of my left hand.

The experience has got me thinking, what other features are built in to my computer and its standard software that I know very little about?  Like our standard rental equipment, my PC runs Windows 7.

Windows 7 has something call God Mode;  the name is probably a bit overstated, however this feature allows you to put hundreds of settings from all over the operating system in a single folder on your desktop.  The resulting folder will contain 270 items representing practically every configurable option in Windows 7.

My favourite though, is the Problem Steps Recorder.  This is a utility that allows you to record the steps you take on your computer automatically including captions to show exactly where you clicked.  You can also add comments to highlight... Read More

Jun 21, 2013

Here at Hire Intelligence we are always on the look out for the next clever gadget to add to our rental fleet. We’ve iPads and iMacs, and even giant iTabs, but will we see a demand for the people wanting to hire the iFetch?   It turns out they are not actually an Apple product, but they are design genius nevertheless.

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May 15, 2013

It seems barely a day passes by with out a new form of malware being discovered.  This time Facebook’s internal chat system was the victim of a new variant of Dorkbot, which encouraged users to click on what appeared to be an innocent image link, but in fact exploited a vulnerability to harvest user names and password when victims web browsed.

Facebook quickly cleared the problem when it was notified, but it does highlight the necessity of keeping your anti-virus solution up to date with the latest engines.  All Hire Intelligence PC and laptop rentals ship with updated anti-virus loaded, and indeed are configured to auto-update when ever they are connected to the internet.  But vigilance, including never clicking on odd-looking links always helps.



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