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Is A Printer With A Built-In Scanner A Better Choice Than A Photocopier?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have to make smart decisions when it comes to buying equipment for the office. If you’re in need of something to help you scan and print documents, you might be wondering whether a printer with a built-in scanner a better choice than a photocopier.

Typically, photocopiers and multifunction printers provide similar support, although there are some subtle differences between the two, including size and range of features.

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make, however, is whether to buy or rent a printer with a built-in scanner or photocopier. In many cases photocopiers hire, printer hire and scanner hire can be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to buying the equipment outright.

In this blog post we look at the key differences between photocopiers and multifunction printers to help you decide which product is right for your business.

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Have you thought about enhancing your B2B events by hiring a projector? Whether you want to have an experiential marketing event in a park or meet with clients in an outdoor setting, projector hire can transform an outdoor event into something truly special.

And for many businesses, projector hire is the best way to go about it. Think about it: if you buy a projector outright it can be expensive, you’re going to need somewhere to store it and you’re going to have to spend time cleaning and maintaining it.

But hiring a projector is a much cheaper option, you won’t spend any time looking after it, it won’t take up much-needed space and, perhaps best of all, you can hire one only when you need it.

But it’s not just a case of hiring the first projector you see and taking it to the park with you. There are a number of things to consider when deciding to hire a projector for outdoor use. Let’s take a look.

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