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The huge popularity of domestic gaming, along with the rise of E-sports, has seen a corresponding rise in the number of gaming events. Product releases, video game conventions and gaming competitions can draw visitors in their tens of thousands. Here’s our rundown of the best gaming events of 2018.

The Best Gaming Events Of The Year

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

We start with the biggest gaming event of all. E3 ran from June 12-14 and saw keynote presentations from major game producers. E3 recently made the switch... Read More


Plan Successful Meetings With the Latest Conference EquipmentFor many of us, various types of meetings tend to dominate the daily, weekly, monthly and annual work calendars. We accept that meetings must take place. But do we actively attempt to take advantage of these opportunities for meaningful connection, communication and content-sharing with our colleagues and external stakeholders? If you want to turn a standard meeting into a successful meeting, try the latest conference equipment for inspiration.

Here are five advantages of hiring new technology for a new type of meeting.

1. MODERN... Read More


Get A Desktop Pc And Digital Canvas In One With The Microsoft Surface StudioWish you could instantly transform your desk into the ultimate studio for home or the office? This dream is now very much a reality thanks to the latest in hybrid technology developed by IT giant Microsoft. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an an illustrator, architect, editor, graphic designer, digital artist or publishing agency; if you value flexibility in the way you work, then you will benefit. It’s called the Microsoft Surface Studio. It’s part desktop computer, part digital canvas. And it’s all packed into an impressive piece of... Read More


With Britain’s impending exit from the EU, the country is set to enter a period of prolonged economic turbulence. As a result, it’s imperative that businesses have a strategy to preserve business capital. When considering how to preserve capital, business owners have to be methodical and realistic. Capital preservation requires you to strip back your business to its necessities to ensure its future.

How To Preserve Business Capital

One of the best methods for preserving business capital is leasing equipment rather than buying... Read More


The Latest Screens Help You Make A Positive Impression This ChristmasChristmas is a time for family, friends and gift-giving. However, the lead-up to the big day is also a busy time. You will attend important work-related events and share ideas, awards, achievements, highlights and activities with colleagues and other valued connections – preferably on a big screen!

And we don’t mean any big screen. We mean the latest screens. We mean impressive, versatile and powerful digital screens or interactive smart boards that enhance the audience’s experience of your visual content.

END-OF-YEAR... Read More