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Giant iTabAt some events you need a supply of tablet devices so attendees can access your digital content. At other events you need only one device – the Giant iTab – so attendees want to access your digital content.


Traditional handheld tablets and elevated Giant iTabs offer much the same functionality, yet very different benefits. While both devices allow people to connect to the internet, visit approved websites, use relevant apps, read important information or view multimedia marketing campaigns, only the Giant iTab makes a massive impression in the process.

Giant iTabs are 27, 42 or 55 inches in size. They are fitted to either a fixed stand or... Read More


Office Equipment RentalAs your business evolves, so too does the technology designed to help you do business better. And although it’s not necessarily feasible to make regular upgrades to the latest tech for each specific application or project, you can leverage the growing accessibility of affordable office equipment rental solutions. For example, projectors, desktops and workstations, and newer tech like 2-in-1 book devices, interactive smart boards and more.

Let’s explore four common business scenarios where some hired kit can save you time, save you money, and perhaps even save the whole campaign.

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