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How To Plan A Business Growth Strategy

The vast majority of small businesses have growth ambitions; but very few business owners actually take the time to put a written plan in place. Creating a growth strategy might seem like something you can do without, particularly when you have a never-ending list of day-to-day tasks demanding your time and attention. However, not putting a tangible growth strategy in place could mean you actually lose business. Or, at the very least, it could increase the chance of losing customers to your competitors.

What is a growth strategy?

A growth strategy is simply a business growth plan that focuses specifically on the expansion of the company and how you’re going to achieve it. It will take some time to create a workable plan. However, that effort will be rewarded many times over when it comes to keeping your growth efforts on track.

Your business growth plan should include:

  • A description of expansion opportunities.
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Multimedia ContentDo you want to promote products and services or provide key information to customers at trade shows and exhibitions, at reception, or in meetings? If so, you should consider the very latest screens linked to multimedia content.

Screens linked to a laptop (touch or otherwise) often perform better than projectors and/or flyers when it comes to presenting information and drawing in crowds.


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The Latest Testing Methodologies And Tech For New ProductsSuccessful start-ups and established companies are always on the lookout for the next big thing to change the industry. But how do you turn promising ideas into tangible new products for a receptive market? It generally requires a comprehensive, cost-effective and consumer-focused product development and testing process. Fortunately, the latest testing methodologies and technology for hire can help make it happen.


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Top 10: Best Team Building Activities

If you want to raise morale, encourage synergy and foster a sense of community in your workforce, then there is no better way than with a team building exercise. For many in business, team building activities have a bad reputation (break room hacky sack, anyone?). Poorly executed activities leave participants feeling as if they’ve wasted time when their schedule is already fit to burst. However, with a bit of thought and... Read More