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Choosing the Right Laptop for the Job

Posted by Mark Bates
Mar 30, 2017

choosing-the-right-laptopLaptops come in all shapes and sizes so choose wisely when selecting a travel companion to help you stay productive on the road.

Rather than having your heart set on any particular make or model, the first step when choosing the right laptop is to decide what you’ll do with it.

Will your laptop spend more time in your carry bag than on your lap? Will you just be performing basic office tasks or do you need extra grunt at your disposal? Does the battery need to last all day? Once you can answer these questions it becomes much easier to find the right laptop for the job.

If portability is your highest priority then focus on size and weight, but keep in mind that sacrifices need to be made – slimming down can come at the expense of features such as a DVD drive and some connectors.

Opting for a smaller laptop means sacrificing screen real estate, which in turn leaves you with a smaller keyboard and trackpad. Whether this is a deal-breaker depends on how you’ll use the laptop. If you spend your days typing then you might not be satisfied with a cramped keyboard, especially if it has a tiny trackpad, shallow keys and the keyboard flexes in the middle as you type.

Stepping up to a mid-range laptop trades portability for usability, with a 13-inch screen the sweet spot for regular travellers. In return you gain access to extra grunt and more advanced features, but it can start to weigh you down if you carry your laptop in a satchel rather than a travel bag on wheels.

If performance is your highest priority then look to a “mobile workstation”, which tends to come with powerful Intel Core i7 or Xeon processors, a dedicated graphics card and a generous amount of RAM to tackle more demanding tasks.

Mobile workstations also tend to offer large 17-inch displays and decent keyboards, but in return they’ll weigh you down and you certainly wouldn’t want to carry one around town all day.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing a business laptop, so carefully weigh up your options before you sling one over your shoulder.

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