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Keep Your People Productive on the Road with the Right Tech for the Job

Posted by Mark Bates
Feb 1, 2017

With the right tools in their travel bag, your people can remain just as productive on the go as when sitting at their desks.

Keep Your People Productive On The Road With The Right Tech For The Job

No matter what your business does, chances are not everyone spends their entire day chained to their desk. Once people are on the move it creates productivity issues if your business is built around a desktop-centric workflow but – with the right combination of hardware, services and strategies – you can ensure your people can get things done anywhere, anytime.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mobile productivity. Some people can get a surprising amount done using a handheld device, but it’s not simply a matter of issuing them a smartphone or tablet and hoping for the best.

Touchscreen devices are fine for bashing out quick messages, but staff who are writing and editing longer documents such as business reports and spreadsheets might benefit from having a real physical keyboard at their fingertips.

You’ll find a wide range of wireless Bluetooth keyboards that are large enough to allow decent typing speeds yet still small enough to slip in a travel bag.

You’ll even find Bluetooth keyboards built into some tablet cases. The case folds open like a notebook to hold the screen at the best angle while you type, while the Bluetooth keyboard rests flat on the table.

Of course, mobility isn’t just about hardware; it’s also about software and services, so you need to ensure your people have access to everything they need while they’re on the move.

Thankfully, you’ll find a wide range of productivity apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, letting you tap into cloud-based office suites, storage and collaboration tools from the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple. Many other business systems, from finance packages to customer relationship management platforms, also offer mobile access, so it’s worth investigating the options available for your IT systems.

If your business is tied to desktop-style software but you’re looking to move away from bulky notebook PCs then you might consider the new generation of Windows-powered Ultrabooks, which are lightweight yet still powerful. Alternatively, you could look at the range of Windows-based tablets and hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro – a touchscreen tablet with a detachable keyboard that runs a full version of Windows 10.

These days most cloud services let users jump between mobile and desktop-style devices and pick up working where they left off. If your IT systems don’t support remote and mobile access, and this limitation is holding you back, then perhaps your mobility push offers the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your business workflows.

Not only do cloud-based services empower your people to remain productive away from the office, but they can also offer the foundations of a backup and disaster recovery plan should your business strike trouble.

You might start off weighing up shiny handheld gadgets, but if you’re serious about productivity then building a mobility strategy offers the chance to rethink how your business gets things done.

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