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Protect Your Business From Prying Eyes with a VPN

Posted by Mark Bates
Apr 13, 2017

protect-your-businessWhen you’re working away from the office it’s important to ensure that someone isn’t eavesdropping on your online activities.

If you were working in a cafe you wouldn’t let the person at the next table watch over your shoulder, but that’s exactly what you could be doing if you’re using public Wi-Fi without the protection of a Virtual Private Network.

Who’s to say that the wireless network is secure and someone isn’t secretly monitoring your internet traffic? Who’s to say that the network is even operated by the cafe, and not someone sitting in the corner generating a spoof Wi-Fi hotspot? It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the Wi-Fi in a cafe, library, hotel or airport lounge, if you can’t personally vouch for its security then you need to take precautions.

The best precaution is to engage a Virtual Private Network which creates an encrypted tunnel to shield your activities. This encrypted tunnel extends from your device, out through the Wi-Fi hotspot to the VPN server. This stops other people using the Wi-Fi network, the network operator and even the internet service provider eavesdropping on your internet traffic – whether they’re trying to steal passwords or searching for sensitive business information.

You’ll find VPN software built into Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and once it’s set up you can engage your encryption cloak with a single click. To set it up you either need to sign up for a VPN service hosted online – with the paid VPN services generally performing better than the free services – or else you can set up a VPN server in your office.

If you tend to travel for work then look for a VPN provider with a network of VPN servers spread around the world, as the further you are from the VPN server the slower the link tends to run. Alternatively, you might choose to connect to a VPN server in Dublin while you’re abroad, which tricks any websites you visit into thinking you’re in Ireland even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Alternatively, if you connect to a VPN server running in your office then you can access systems and services within the business that aren’t necessarily exposed to the outside world over the open internet. It’s a handy way to add an extra layer of security in order to keep uninvited guests out of your business.

If you wouldn’t want hackers, or your closest competitors, peering over your shoulder as you work then you should definitely invest in a Virtual Private Network to help ensure your business secrets stay secret.

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