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Six reasons why you should consider MacBook rental for your business

Posted by Mark Bates
Oct 3, 2017

The Apple MacBook is the world’s top-selling line of premium laptops – used by professionals across a huge range of sectors. The traditional  Apple Mac users have been website and app developers and ‘creatives’ in other functions, such as marketing and design, but now many more businesses value the quality hardware, excellent software options and higher levels of security associated with the MacBook.

One sticking point for aspiring Apple customers has always been the price of its products, but now MacBook rental gives businesses, customers, and private users the chance to get their hands on this top technology for less. So why might hiring a MacBook be the right solution for your business?

1.It’s much cheaper

The initial investment required to buy the Apple MacBook is significant, particularly if you want to kit out your entire team. As a small business owner, keeping a healthy level of cash flow in the business can be a constant headache, and spending several thousands of euros on the latest technology could put your business at risk. Of course, debt financing can provide the capital you need, but taking out a loan or buying a laptop on finance will only increase the overall cost.

Alternatively, you could choose to rent the latest MacBook.Not only will it help to keep your cash flow flowing, but with free installation and ongoing assistance, you can also avoid the cost of technical support. That’s not to say MacBook rental is the best option for everyone, but it does represent a viable alternative.   

2.There’s plenty of choice

Renting a MacBook allows you to chop and change your hardware as and when you need to. The following is just a small selection of Apple Mac products you can choose from:

3.There’s free support

When you buy a business laptop or PC, most companies will also need ongoing technical support to solve any issues that arise. Some MacBook rental companies offer ongoing assistance, support and onsite installation that can remove these ongoing costs. They also provide the latest anti-virus software to keep potential sensitive information safe and secure.  


4.It’s fast!

Buying a laptop or a number of computers for your business is a big decision and not one you’re likely to make quickly, and rightly so. You need to check whether it will run the right software, have the required performance, or provide the best value for money. With MacBook rental, all you need to do is choose from the range and get a quote. Some companies use this as a ‘try before you buy’ service to make sure the hardware meets their requirements before they commit.


5.You can easily upgrade

After forking out a couple of thousand euros for your new MacBook, a year down the line it’s out of date and is only worth a fraction of the price you paid. With MacBook rental, you can simply swap your outdated model for the latest release without having to pay for a brand new computer.

6.It’s perfectly suited to a range of events

The ability to hire a MacBook can open up a range of opportunities for your business that might not otherwise exist. For example, you could put on an event or training session where each attendee is given a MacBook to work on. You could also rent hardware on a project-by-project basis, deciding which hardware you need based on the requirements of each.

The Apple MacBook is not only a beautiful computer to look at, but it’s also a dream to use. At Hire Intelligence, you can now bypass the only downside – the cost – and rent a MacBook for less. Get a quick quote today.

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