Large-scale organisations, universities, and examining bodies across Ireland sometimes need specialised IT equipment in large quantities to deliver short-term exams. The tech hardware required can include laptops, desktops, printers, PA sound systems, projectors, projector screens etc.

As the equipment is only needed for a few days per year, it makes sense to hire the kit for the examinations, rather than buy and rarely use.

If an institution is conducting an examination in a different location from its main campus, renting out equipment (and arranging delivery and installation from the rental supplier) makes it easy as it will be delivered to the right location.

Renting will also protect an institution from using money from a restricted budget to buy equipment which it only needs in limited examination situations. Hire Intelligence have regularly rented to some leading Irish organisations, and educational institutions. Get in touch and our team will help you pick the right tech solutions for your examinations.