The Epson Perfection 4990 Photo is the ideal scanner for the professional photographer and enthusiast. It handles all standard film and photo formats, restores tired or damaged originals and delivers stunning quality scans which are ready to print, enlarge or archive.

  • Epson Photo Scanner Model 4990


Scanner Type Flatbed colour image
Optical Resolution Main 4800dpi x , Sub 9400dpi
Optical Density 4.0 DMax
Document Size 216 x 297mm (A4, US Letter), 35mm strip film 6 frames x 4, 6 x 12cm (120/220) medium format film x 3 frames, 4" x 5" large format film x 2
Photo Electric Device Alternate 6 lines colour Matrix CCD¿ with, Micro Lens 122, 400 pixels (20400 x 2 lines x 3 col, ours)
Light Source White cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Sub Scanning Method Fixed document and moving carriage
Output Resolution 50 ¿ 6400, 9600, 12800 dpi
Colours Input:48 bit (281.5 trillion colours), Output: 48 bit (281.5 trillion colours), 24 bit (16.7 million colours), 16 bit (65, 536 greyscale levels), 8 bit (256 greyscale levels, 1 bit (monochrome)
IPF Image Quality Enhancer Grain Reduction, Color Restoration, Dust Removal, PRINT Image Matching¿ II, Optimized Auto Exposure, Unsharp Mask with Noise Reduction, De-Screening with Document Type Optimizer, Tone Curve Adjustment, with Histogram
IPF Easy Scanning 1 Push Button, Standalone Application and Scan to File Feature, Multi Purpose User Interface, Multi Document Auto Detection, Multi Document Auto Cropping, Auto Skew Correction, Multi Marquee, Thumbnail Preview
Scanning Speed A4 Line Art 300 Dpi 300dpi 12 secs
Scanning Speed A4 Colour 600 Dpi 600dpi 29 secs
Scanning Speed (Full scan bed) Preview 7 sec
Scanning Speed Draft Quality 35mm Negative Film 2400 dpi 58 secs
Scanning Speed Draft Quality 35mm Positive Film 2400 dpi 57 secs
Voltage 220 - 240V  50 - 60Hz
Dimensions W x D x H 304 x 476 x 134mm
Weight approx. 6.7kg

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