Providing outstanding technology, the PowerVault 122T is ideal for organizations that need to make the most of limited IT resources. You can choose DLT VS80 technology for an incredible value or SDLT 320, LTO-1, or LTO-2 super drive technology for high performance and capacity. The versatile PowerVault 122T offers an ideal automation entry point for small to medium organizations or an excellent distributed backup solution for remote offices or workgroups within a large organization.

  • Autoloader PowerVault 122T



 TECHNOLOGY    DLT VS80    SDLT 320    LTO-1    LTO-2  
 Cartridge capacity    Up to eight    Up to eight    Up to eight    Up to eight  
   DLTtapeIV    SDLTtape1 or    LTO Ultrium   LTO Ultrium  
   cartridges    DLTtape IV cartridges    cartridges    cartridges  
 Media    DLTtape IV    SDLTtape 1 or    LTO Ultrium    1 LTO Ultrium 1/2  
     DLTtape IV      
 Drive cartridge capacity          
 Uncompressed    40GB    160GB    100GB    200GB  
 Compressed    80GB    320GB    200GB    400GB  
 autoloader capacity          
 Uncompressed    320GB    1280GB    800GB    1600GB  
 Compressed    640GB    2560GB    1.6TB    3.2TB  
 Transfer and backup rate          
 Uncompressed maximums    3MB/s    16MB/s    15MB/s    35MB/s  
   10.8GB/hr    58GB/hr    54GB/hr    126GB/hr  
 Compressed maximums    6MB/s    32MB/s    30MB/s    70MB/s  
   21.6GB/hr    115GB/hr    108GB/hr    252GB/hr  
 Mean cycles before failure (MCBF)    250,000 cycle        
 Mean time before failure    Greater than 100,000 hours with 50% duty cycle    
 Life cycles    Greater than 120,000 cycles      
 Life expectancy    Greater than 50,000 power on hours      
 Unrecoverable error rate    1 in 1017 bits        
 Dimensions (H x W x D)    3.34” x 16.5” x 24” (84mm x 419mm x 609mm)    
 Rack height    2U        
 Weight    33lbs (15kg) without cartridges      
 Interface    LVD SCSI        
 Barcode reader    optional at time of purchase only      
 Operating    10° to 40° C        
 Non-operating    -40° to 60° C        
 Operating    20% to 80% RH, noncondensing      
 Non-operating    20% to 80% RH, noncondensing      
 Requirements    96-264 VAC auto-ranging, 47-63 Hz      
 Power outputs    +5V, +12V        
 Inrush current    <18A at 115VAC, <36A at 240VAC      
 Power consumption    55W        

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