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Quick Quote (Guaranteed 20 minutes response)

Tell us what Technology Hardware you need for your event and we'll get back to you.

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Frequently Rented Products

  • Laptop

    At Hire Intelligence, we have laptops to suit any need. You may have the perfect pc setup for your business but need to hire laptops for your employees who work remotely or employees who are delivering presentations.

  • Tablets

    Companies will utilise the iPad hire for business events such as presentations (load the slides with voting options onto the tablets). They can also be used for training alongside av hire and screen hire.

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  • Screens & Touchscreens

    Touch-screen computers offer an incredible, intuitive and engaging way to interact with devices. Whether you’re working collaboratively, demo-ing a product at an event, collecting customer data or some other purpose, a touch screen offers a great way to go.

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We have the expertise for any rental occasion

  • Conference & Exhibitions

    A successful conference or exhibition can take your business to the next level and get your name out there for all the right reasons. It’s no surprise then that some businesses go to great lengths to create an event that will leave a lasting impression.

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  • Training & Examinations

    When corporations set up training sessions for their employees, it might be possible they don’t have the right equipment, or enough equipment in-house for the session. In this case, the company can buy or rent corporate training equipment to fulfill their needs.

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  • Film Production

    With Hire Intelligence, you can create a memorable conference or exhibition for less by hiring tech equipment that can boost interaction and engagement.

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Chloe Deverell

January 5, 2020

Fast and efficient services. No complaints.

Charlotte Hill

February 1, 2020

Brilliant company to use for any tech hire needs, working on short term projects they are always very helpful and go above and beyond!

Brendan Murray

July 1, 2019

Professional, reasonably priced and quick, all you can ask for really I needed to order some items for a corporate event last minute and our usual supplier was unable to fill the order in time. These guys got everything sorted in an afternoon, so happy days.

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