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The modern business event has two connected objectives. Firstly, to successfully promote your brand, products and services by engaging attendees; and secondly, to gather the kind of useful information that helps foster relationships and drive future business decisions. To achieve the latter, you need to hire quality data capture devices.

Use Data Capture Devices To Improve Event Outcomes

Hosting or exhibiting at a live industry event is one of the best ways to gather meaningful data. There is one very simple reason for this: your target audience is right there. They are actively participating in what you (and... Read More


A successful business does a lot more than simply develop great products or offer great services. It must also be efficient, strategic and proactive. Above all else, it must be as productive as its resources allow. Here are six tips for using technology to increase productivity at your business.

6 Tips For Using Technology To Increase Productivity


Very few organisations and departments operate with zero inefficiencies. The trick is to assess existing procedures, acknowledge potential weaknesses and identify those gaps where your business might be able to make positive changes. Once you... Read More


To put on a business event, you need quality equipment. Whether you’re hiring IT hardware, audio-visual gear or the latest interactive technology, these event supplier tips can help you choose the right vendor.

Event Supplier Tips – 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vendor


It’s one of the more obvious event supplier tips to keep in mind, but firstly, you need to hire technology that can do the job required and won’t let you down when it counts. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the best deal on a business rental, as long as you... Read More


Innovation comes in all different shapes and sizes. However, the one constant is the need for strategic and creative approaches. These help you get from having a clever concept to achieving commercial success. And while there’s no clear template on how to turn a business idea into reality, there are certainly some proven and emerging technologies available to help make it happen.

How To Turn A Business Idea Into Reality With The Latest Tech


Why is it important to take big ideas and attempt to bring them to life? Because,... Read More


5 Reasons To Use Temporary Wifi For EventsModern events rely on strong WiFi coverage to keep everyone connected all of the time. However, there are business incentives as well. Here we share five reasons to use temporary WiFi for events where connectivity can make a real difference.


In the past, people in your industry would generally turn up to corporate events for live demonstrations, face-to-face networking and the chance to hand out business cards. While this still happens, attendees of contemporary business events also have greater... Read More