When corporations set up training sessions for their employees, it might be possible they don’t have the right equipment, or enough equipment in-house for the session. In this case, the company can buy or rent corporate training equipment to fulfill their needs. Hire Intelligence can help to provide the tech hardware from our warehouse in Dublin.

If the event occurs regularly then buying the kit might make sense, however it’s always a good idea for a corporation to first try out the equipment.

In some other instances, renting can also help. This is especially true if a piece of owned equipment malfunctions at the last moment. Running to your local electronic store to buy equipment may be costly and you might not have time to research their models fully, whereas our Dublin based technicians could advise and \ deliver.

Rent your tech from Hire Intelligence for your corporate training to run smoothly - even if you’d just like to ‘try before you buy.’ Contact us today!