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Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ Retina 2.6GHz 6-core i7 with Touchbar; Space Grey – MR942LL/A

If you want to experience the latest Apple laptop technology, rent this Macbook Pro with Touch Bar from Hire Intelligence. The Touch Bar with an integrated Touch ID sensor is Apple’s latest technology that provides users with a multi-touch-enabled strip of glass located above the full size backlit keyboard. This Apple Macbook Pro has extremely high-performance thanks to its Intel multi-core processors and extended battery life. On top of this added technology, the computer is designed to be faster and more powerful than previous Pro models, yet 17% thinner and significantly lighter.

If you’re used to apple equipment and looking to rent a mac, this is the leading laptop asset from Hire Intelligence’s apple rental range. The full apple rental range includes smaller devices such as the ipad and iphone, and desktops such as the imac, mac mini and mac Pro.

All apple assets in Hire Intelligence’s mac rental fleet will have a recent (or very latest) version of ios (apple operating system) downloaded, and you’ll have full admin rights to login with your apple ID, and download any app, and sync with your other apple products and cloud data, whilst you have the macbook. At the time of writing as larger macbook Pros are more popular for larger corporate events, Hire Intelligence do not own the smaller version of mac laptop, the macbook air, but this might change, as we always try and adjust our stocks of apple hardware to stay up-to-date (following each product launch), but also to meet customer demand.

Some features of The new Apple Macbook Pro 6-Core :

  • Firstly, the Touch Bar is a touchpad that replaced the function keys that have long occupied the top of the keyboard. This touch bar is much more versatile and capable compared to the function keys. It works similar to a touch screen and allows you instant access to the tools you want. You can easily control volume, access apps and browse through content. It changes automatically based on what you’re doing to show you relevant tools you already know how to use – system controls like volume and brightness, interactive ways to adjust or browse through content, intelligent typing features like emoji and predictive text, and more.
  • The best ever Retina display – Brighter LED backlighting and increased contrast ratio. It’s the first Mac notebook to support wide colour, for even more vibrant greens and reds. This ensures truer-to-life pictures with realistically vivid details, essential for graphic design, colour grading, and editing.
  • 6th generation Intel Core processor – The new Apple Macbook Pro’s i7 processor will deliver an amazing performance, allowing you to multitask, enjoy gaming and work on intensive projects like rendering 3D models and encoding video, with no lag.
  • Bold graphics – Up to 130% faster
  • Improved audio – Twice the dynamic range and up to 58% more volume, with two and a half times louder bass for maximum boom.
  • Updated keyboard and trackpad – Typing is more precise and comfortable with Apple’s new, second-generation butterfly mechanism. More room for your fingers with an enlarged force touch trackpad.
  • Thunderbolt 3 – USB-C industry standard to create one universal port. This port integrates data transfer, charging and video output in a single connector, delivering up to 40 Gbps of throughput for twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2.
  • In addition to these features, this upgraded Macbook Pro provides users with an extended battery life of over 10 hours, and plenty of storage with its 256GB PCIe-based onboard steady-state hard drive (SSD). This model comes with 16GB of memory (RAM) and 2.6 GHz processing speed, with a 3.5GHz Turbo Boost. The Radeon Pro 450 graphics card offers high quality and speedy graphics. Other standard Pro features, such as the 720p Facetime HD camera and stereo speakers are also included.

The Macbook Pro with Touch Bar keyboard is available to hire for periods from one day to a year, or even longer. By renting, you can save from having to repeatedly buy the newest technology. With offices in London and Manchester, we are well equipped to deliver what you need. Hire Intelligence can also provide installation and configuration depending on your needs. Simply get in touch with our team to discuss your needs or request a quick quote today.

Call Hire Intelligence +353 (0)1 8464997  to discuss Apple Macbook rental availability.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: i7 (8th Gen)
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon Pro 560X
  • CPU: 2.6GHz –> 4.3GHz
  • Storage: 512 GB SSD
  • Connectivity: 4 x USB-C port (additional adaptors supplied on request)

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