Epson Ultra-Short-Throw Projector

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Epson EB-800F Projector

This is a bright ultra-short-throw professional display solution. It’s compact design allows it to support your digital signage, or presentation requirements without getting in the way. The short projection throw means it is safer from a ‘health & safety’ perspective (no cables across the floor), and it also reduces issues of taking up desk space, and takes away chances of attendees blocking the projection and shadows breaking up the content.

The internal specifications of the data projector allow it to provide Full HD resolution, 5,000 Lumen of brightness with 3LCD technology. Mounted on the floor (or ceiling) it can display video, slide, signage content using a built-in playback feature. It also has a ‘split screen feature’ allowing multiple sources to be displayed simultaneously.

With 3 x HDMI interfaces, as well as USB and stereo connectivity (and it’s own internal speakers), this is bright, solid, professional projection/display solution and provides a strong alternative to rental of large screens and floor stands for communicating key messages at presentations, conferences, exhibitions or in a retail setting. We have 2 of these units operational from our Dublin warehouse.

Technical Specifications

  • Brightness 5000 Lumen (peak)
  • Resolution Full HD 1080p
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Size of projection 65 to 130 inches
  • Projection Distance 0.4 to 0.8m
  • Dimensions / Weight 458 x 375 x 210mm (W/D/H) & 9.4kg
  • Interfaces USB-2A/B, Ethernet, VGA in/out, HDMI in/out, stereo jack in/out, composite in.

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