Giant Smartphone – with 43″ Touchscreen

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A 43″ Giant Smartphone (coming soon to Dublin),

A touchscreen with an inbuilt computer which helps any website, app in play store, or apk file look great, and be easy to interact with.

Fantastic for driving interaction and engagement.

These devices are at a higher price than standard TouchScreens, but really do bring the ‘wow factor’ and always get good reviews and a lot of attention.

This size can be setup by 1 Hire Intelligence Technician, and can be transported easily into a venue or event in a neat flight case.

Perfect for short-term hire, or event rental.

Something a little bit different which impresses, but doesn’t take up too much foyer, or stand space.


Technical Specifications

  • Name Giant Smartphone 43"
  • Brightness of screen 400cd/m2
  • Resolution Full HD 1080p
  • Camera Yes
  • Operating System Android - Built in mini PC
  • Dimensions 164cm x 11cm x 60.5cm

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