Hand Sanitiser Station with Informational Display (Optional Temperature Reader)

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With the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has become important for all manner of businesses and event organisers to ensure steps are taken to reduce the risk of spreading virus’ and bacterial pathogens.

  • Auto-dispenser – No need to touch anything, easy to get hands washed
  • 5L tank  – Easy to fill with an alert to remind when the capacity is low
  • 500NIT HD LCD Screen – Brighter and clearer content
  • Temperature detector optional

The first line of defence is sanitation and to that end, Hire Intelligence is offering a Hand Sanitiser Station with Informational Display for rent. This unit dispenses a metered dose of your choice of hand santizing solution when triggered by a sensor in the dispensing tray. Above the tray is a 21.5″ portrait display running from an integrated android media player, able to display all manner of informational or advertising content including video, slide shows or other presentations.

Available as a free standing unit or wall mountable, the Hand Sanitiser Station has a 3 litre sanitiser capacity inside a lockable cabinet and can be customised with your companies or event branding.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Hand Sanitiser Station with Informational Display
  • Options: Wall Mount or Floor Stand, Customised Branding
  • Features: 21.5" Informational Display with Android Media Player, 3L Auto-dispense

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