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This model is ideal for connecting a board room group – up to 15 people (for additional personnel extra microphone pods can be rented and ‘daisy-chain’ connected). As standard when hiring, we will provide the main unit with camera, soundar, and 2 mic pods. (Each mic pod has a range of ~ 12ft).


Rent video conference and other hardware from Hire Intelligence for between 1-day and 1-year.

Technical Specifications

  • Field of view 0° diagonal, 82.1° Horizontal, 52.2° Vertical (Suitable for large groups/board tables)
  • Recording/Streaming Quality 4K 30fps Recording and Streaming, 1080P 60fps Recording and Streaming
  • Features to ensure 'perfect capture' RightSight, RightLight, Rightsound (additional downloadable software available)
  • Options Additional Cameras and Mic Pods can be added.

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