Samsung 65″ QLED 4K Screen Hire

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Screen Hire 65″ Offering – From our Dublin depot we offer two very similar 65″ Screen for hire from a leading brand. 2022 and 2023 Samsung Series models, with excellent Ultra HD 4K QLED definition.

The assets also come with excellent Smart functionality with Tizen Operating System, and premium colours powered by “Quantum Dot”, and “Quantum HDR”.

As always when renting equipment from Hire Intelligence – the screens will be delivered with power cable, remote, and HDMI cable – so it’s ready to use.

The screen has 2 x 20″ speakers using OTS Lite, and Q-Symphony audio systems. The 2022 slightly heavier screen comes with 6 speakers for Dolby Atmos sound.

If looking to this screen for hire, on short-term rent please do stipulate whether you’d like to take the asset with it’s consumer desk-stand, or a larger ‘floor-stand‘ which are more popular for exhibitions, presentations and conferences. If taking a floor stand, please do clarify if you’ll be using the screen for hire, in landscape or portrait orientation.

Screen hire from our Dublin depot is quite often required for business presentations, and sporting events. The screens are often rented alongside a laptop or a media player to provide the content to be displayed.

The screens are both slim, with elegant small bezels, and amazingly for a 65″ screen, weight is only 20.9kg without the stand for the 2023 model, and 24kg for the 2022 model.

Full model details below.

If you’re unsure of the right size of screen depending on the type of event, size of audience, or room….then do speak with one of our friendly sales team for advice. They can also advise if any additional sound system might be required, if the content you’re playing includes sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Screen Hire - 65" Models: QE65Q80BATXXU / QE65Q65BAU
  • Dimensions: 2023 dimensions pictured. (2022: 829.8 x 1446.5 x 54.7 mm)
  • HDR? Yes - both models have HDR10+
  • Sound: Yes - 2 speakers for 2023 model, 6 speaker system with 2022 model.

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