Organizing a new product launch or activating a brand requires precise execution endowed with some fanfare to create a positive buzz in the market. A detailed plan and implementation strategy should be in place to ensure the company (or product) is well represented and the right type of vibes are created.

One of the most important features in such events is the technology used to convey your message and the best way to impress the crowd is by incorporating top of the line IT and audio visual equipment. A corporation might not be able to purchase cutting edge equipment each time it holds a rare special event, but that does not necessarily mean it has to use lower- standard tech.

Renting IT and audio visual equipment can allow a company to not have to invest heavily and still wow the crowd with some fancy equipment and put on a creative digital show. From our depot in Dublin you can hire essential technology like screens, touchscreens, tablets on stands, projectors, PA systems and monitors to allow your crowd to interact with your company during the event. And better yet, you can also set up interactive video walls to create a lasting impression.

So give us a call now to get started with your product launch. Our tech rental expert team is standing by to help make your event memorable!