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Enterprise VR Headset

Pico Neo 3 Pro

In addition to Oculus Quest models, and Varjo Virtual Reality Headsets, Hire Intelligence has a limited volume of Pico headsets to hire.

These headsets are high powered, and high resolution 6DoF headsets designed for enterprise use. At the core of these units is a powerful Qualcomm XR2 processor with minimum of 6GB RAM, and 256GB onboard storage. (note: We also own a few Pico Neo 2 headsets, but these are not for moving around with 6Degrees of Freedom (6DoF).

Available from London and Dublin, the Pico Neo models support a high definition view of VR environments  (3664 x 1920 LCD), with a PPI of 73, and up to 90Hz refresh rate.

One of the main features of this asset is the accuracy of movement. The controllers use 32 optical tracking sensors for complex environment positioning. The wide angle cameras bring millimeter-level positioning. Stable tracking can even be achieved in low-texture environments with bright or dark settings.

Whilst Oculus headsets and some other manufacturers have made it hard to setup multiple units for enterprise and collaboration. The Neo 3 Pro has easy connectivity and positioned to be open platform. (We have supported the use of multiple headsets with device management software such as VR Sync, Arbor, and 42 Gears).


Bluetooth and Wifi support. Wireless or wired streaming options supported.

DP Connection supported between headset and PC/Laptop –  this supports near native 4K resolution and fast refresh rate to stream VR content from your PC or Laptop.

All New 3 modesl support Nvidia CloudXR to allow businesses to integrate VR into workflows for design, virtual production, or entertainment.

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