6 Tips for Using Technology to Increase Productivity

A successful business does a lot more than simply develop great products or offer great services. It must also be efficient, strategic and Boost Productivity. Above all else, it must be as productive as its resources allow. Here are six tips for using technology to increase productivity at your business.

6 Tips For Using Technology To Increase Productivity


Very few organisations and departments operate with zero inefficiencies. The trick is to assess existing procedures, acknowledge potential weaknesses and identify those gaps where your business might be able to make positive changes. Once you know what actually needs to improve, it’s much easier to find the equipment to help make it happen.


Technology can provide a huge boost to the productivity of a business. However, you also need to utilise tools suited to the specific project or challenge. Do your research to make sure you get the right equipment for the job; for example, there are many professional-grade desktops and workstations available for hire, so your selection depends on the requirements for power, performance and other specs.


Automating otherwise manual processes and activities is a huge part of running a successful modern business. Whether it’s scheduling website and social media content, sending tailored email responses or creating digital marketing campaigns, automation is the key to saving time, reducing costs and generally optimising workflow. Look for contemporary tools, programs and apps to start automating as much as possible.


One of the top tips for using technology in business is to remember that popular adage: work smarter, not harder. Implementing some of the latest technologies is an ideal way to do precisely that, but only if you also implement effective protocols and training programs for staff to take advantage of the new tech provided. With quality hardware, software and systems in place, your employees should be able to focus on important tasks and avoid unnecessary roadblocks.


Good communication tends to be at the heart of high productivity in most business environments. Improving your internal and external communications using tech solutions makes it easier for various parties in multiple locations to collaborate on key projects. Technology such as the Microsoft Surface Hub interactive touch screen and Polycom video conference equipment, for example, are superb options for different collaborating and videoconferencing purposes.


Unless you’re prepared to absorb the cost of regularly upgrading inventory as your needs or the available technologies change, it’s worth considering rental options. Your business can switch between solutions by periodically hiring the quality equipment it requires.

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