Use Data Capture Devices to Improve Event Outcomes

The modern business event has two connected objectives. Firstly, to successfully promote your brand, products and services by engaging attendees; and secondly, to gather the kind of useful information that helps foster relationships and drive future business decisions. To achieve the latter, you need to hire quality data capture devices.

Use Data Capture Devices To Improve Event Outcomes

Hosting or exhibiting at a live industry event is one of the best ways to gather meaningful data. There is one very simple reason for this: your target audience is right there. They are actively participating in what you (and possibly your competitors) have to offer.

Why is it a good idea to gather as much data as possible? The data capture process involves collecting and managing selected information about your customers, clients and prospects. A lot of that information can be highly beneficial to an ambitious organisation. In the short term you might use basic info and contact details to grow your database of customers and follow up on promising leads. In the longer term you can analyse large amounts of specific feedback to help make better strategic decisions about your market research activities, product developments, marketing campaigns, sales goals and a whole lot more depending on the depth of the data collected.


We’ve established that it’s not a question of whether you should collect data at an upcoming event. It’s a question of how you’re going to do it. Like so many conversations in everyday life, communications in the business world are more and more frequently digital.

Gone are the days of clipboards and paper forms, and to some extent even business cards and flyers. In their place, organisations on the cutting edge now usie data capture devices like, for example, barcode readers and ID scanners to immediately collect information (name, organisation, email address, phone number, etc.) on registered visitors. The data captured is viewed on a laptop. This type of solution is both efficient and reliable.

Peripheral technologies including audience response systems, interactive kiosks and touch screens, or tablets and giant tablet stands can also be used for digital registrations, sign-ins, surveys and competitions. These, in turn, extract more comprehensive levels of feedback. When it comes to processing, storing and crunching significant volumes of raw data to achieve valuable insights, you may need to hire servers and networks as well as powerful workstations. There’s no single device for all your data capture needs; however, there are plenty of rental solutions to fulfil your requirements at any event and on any budget.

These latest technologies are not only very practical, but they also open doors to incredibly useful data that didn’t previously exist. If the event and the response is big enough, you can create entire business strategies around what you’re able to learn by combining a contemporary data capture solution with the right software and human resources.

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