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As the grip of lockdowns and Covid restrictions loosens, our business has witnessed two unexpected yet promising trends.

Firstly, the aftermath of Brexit has introduced a slew of challenges, including elevated costs, logistical hurdles, and shipment delays when supplying mainland Europe from our London Depot. To counteract this, we’ve strategically bolstered our capabilities in Dublin, positioning ourselves to better serve our mainland EU clientele. This expansion involves amplifying our inventory of imaging hardware, laptops, especially HP Probooks, and fostering stronger partnerships with freight forwarders and courier services.

Secondly, as the events and marketing landscape rekindles, we’re observing a surge in demand for Apple hardware and high-performance workstations. This shift is notably fueled by burgeoning requirements from creative agencies, PR and advertising firms, as well as media companies. These industry players seek technology solutions tailored to their unique needs, spanning product launches, film and TV productions, and advertising endeavors.

With a resolute enthusiasm, we’re embarking on a transition from the realm of standard laptop and tablet rentals, predominantly catering to corporate training and exhibitions. Our sights are now firmly set on offering cutting-edge equipment for more dynamic undertakings like product launches and creative productions. As part of this strategic evolution, we’re prepared to make significant investments in expanding our inventory of iMacs, iPad Pros, graphics cards, and related hardware.

If your ventures demand robust graphical hardware, we extend a warm invitation to reach out to us. By sharing the projected duration of your project, we can ascertain if our offerings align with your needs. Even if we currently lack a specific item, our flexible approach allows us to explore purchase-to-rent options, perfectly aligning with our overarching vision of enhancing our offerings in the dynamic and vibrant creative sectors. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of collaborating on exciting projects that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

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