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Technology for Creative Industries

As Lockdown and Covid restrictions lessen we’ve seen two new unexpected trends in our business.

Firstly, with Brexit causing costs, hassle and delays in getting stock to mainland Europe from our London Depot, we have increased our capabilities in Dublin to support our mainland EU customers. More imaging hardware, more laptops, more HP Probooks, and improved relationships with freight forwarders and couriers.

Secondly, with events and marketing budgets returning we are seeing requirements for more Apple hardware, and workstations to support designers, producers, artists and creators.

To move from ‘standard’ laptop and tablet rental (for corporate training and exhibitions), towards hiring equipment for product launches, Film, TV & Advertising productions means we must invest, and we are happy to. Creative Agencies, PR and Advertising firms, and media companies request a different type of technology hardware.

We are happy to buy more iMac, more iPad Pro, and more Graphics cards, to grow our business, and to be part of some exciting projects.

If you need some high-powered graphical hardware, please  call with an estimate of the duration of your project, and even if we don’t own something similar, we can see if purchase-to-rent suits us, and our plans to grow our offering in creative sectors.




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