Data Capture Technology Helps You Make the Most of Your Event

Data Capture Technology Helps You Make The Most Of Your Event
You’ve set up the venue, prepared engaging content and invited key stakeholders. However, to truly make the most of your event you’ll also need to rely on contemporary data capture technology. The reason? Business events are as much about gathering information to help you reach future targets as they are about interacting with guests at the time. You want to be efficient. You need to gather meaningful insights. And automatic data capture technology is a solution to achieve both goals.


Why is it so important to capture data in the first place? There are many factors. However, primarily, your business or campaign needs data as a means of identifying who your target market is, what they want, where they look for it, and why they might consider your products or services. Data doesn’t just mean stacks upon stacks of raw numbers and complex statistics; it also means in-depth consumer / client feedback and insights.

By using tech to gather detailed information and responses on a massive scale from an engaged audience, suddenly your event becomes more powerful than you ever could have imagined. Gone are the days of clipboards, paper surveys and drawn-out sales pitches with no tangible end result.

Sure, it’s still a good idea to swap business cards. But what you should really aim for is a comprehensive digital profile of the individual visitor and an immediate overall concept of audience views, behaviours and buying habits. This kind of data turns your event into a powerful live marketing platform providing insights you can use today, tomorrow, next week and in upcoming campaigns.


Okay then: how can data capture devices help you achieve these goals? The advantages begin the moment people arrive at your event. Digital sign-in solutions including interactive kiosks and tablet touchscreen stands make it incredibly convenient to register your attendees, gather their important details and help them enjoy the experience.

However, it goes far beyond that. You’re now able to tap into the amazing human resource that surrounds you. Conduct market research, boost audience participation and efficiently capture and store useful feedback or any other relevant information using interactive electronic hardware such as phones, tablets or voting equipment, as well as other data capture solutions like interactive business live streaming platforms. In an instant you’ll have all those valuable guest opinions safely stored on the Cloud and ready to use.

From there, it’s only logical to display interesting results in real-time via digital graphics on a large screen. Alternatively, you can use the survey data captured by an audience response system to make public announcements, tailor product demonstrations and interact with the crowd during presentations. You’ve got the innovative ideas; the technology exists to bring them to life.

Looking for an automatic data capture technology solution for your next event? Discuss your options with the team of experts at Hire Intelligence.

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