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How to Use Tech to Make an Impression

How to Use Tech to Make an Impression
Success in business is heavily influenced by the image your brand portrays. It’s also influenced by the impact you make on existing and prospective customers at key times. Therefore, understanding how to use tech to make an impression in the modern business world is imperative.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, consider these five tips for using technology in a positive, powerful way.


We all know the mantra that “first impressions count”. But how much emphasis do you actually place on making that first impression a good one? How do you greet visitors to your store, office or special event? What are they likely to deduce from the layout and appearance of your business space? To make an immediate impact on your guests before a conversation has even started, incorporate dynamic visual equipment into the design of your headquarters and other venues. You can customise large-scale digital signage and video walls to fit your space and display branding, marketing messages or product/service demonstrations.


Standard business practices and communications with customers are evolving. Old-school paper forms and slow customer service queues are making way for more streamlined, efficient, IT-based platforms. Full interactivity is the key ingredient of these contemporary solutions. It means people can find information and achieve their goals independently and smoothly. You can make this possible by providing access to interactive kiosks, touch screens, tablet stands, smartboards and more. After all, customers in this digital age expect flexibility of service. It’s your job to provide it.


Technology is particularly useful when you’re trying to engage with large groups of stakeholders. From exhibitions and conferences to business presentations and training sessions, your audience will appreciate the provision of handy IT devices such as tablets featuring relevant digital content and resources. Hiring equipment that helps people follow proceedings, learn about your company, sign-up to your services or contribute to the industry conversation is a worthwhile investment.


Try to make every guest experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Indeed, if you set up your venue in a way that keeps visitors interested for longer, you’ll be in a strong position to build meaningful customer relationships. With this purpose in mind, why not hire equipment such as a mobile phone charging kiosk for your business event stand? A charging kiosk encourages visitors to relax, settle in and stay engaged with your promotional content or business representatives for longer.


Technology as a business engagement tool doesn’t have to be limited to highly professional situations and applications. You can also use modern technology to get more creative, have some fun with your customers and bring events to life. Consider how business live streaming video of events, bespoke virtual reality (VR) experiences and even audience engagement activities using novelty devices such as throwable microphones can help you connect with a crowd.

Want to know how to use tech to make an impression? Find out all this and more when you get in touch with the equipment rental experts at Hire Intelligence.

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