3 Ways to Work Smarter With an Apple Watch

Do you think of your smartphone as the highly productive operations department for your personal/work life? If so, wearing a paired Apple Watch is like having the world’s most efficient personal assistant conveniently attached to your wrist.

Yes, your Apple Watch lets you track your own health and fitness (among other handy features for regular life). However, you shouldn’t underestimate this device’s capacity to provide benefits in the business world, too. With the help of one little wearable, you can start working a whole lot smarter.

Get things done on the run

Your Apple Watch makes it possible to get your work done on the run – literally. However, you may want to wait until you’re walking or driving instead. Whichever way you choose to get around, make the most of every minute by tackling important tasks as you travel. Use the voice transcribing feature on your Apple Watch to make notes or send text messages and emails without lifting a finger. Alternatively, download a voice recording app to save important conversations or meeting minutes and listen back to the key points later.

Is it inconvenient or inappropriate to take out your smartphone during business hours? No problem – you can use your Apple Watch to quickly and discreetly read mail. It can also screen incoming calls, set meetings, review your schedule, check weather updates or transit times, and plenty more.

Tap your way through work

There’s a plethora of useful apps available for the Apple Watch to assist freelancers, entrepreneurs, office workers and owners/managers in various industries. You can conduct everyday business in a few easy taps. You’ll find an app for tracking deliveries. You’ll find an app for making payments on the spot. There’s an app for creating quotes and invoices, an app for monitoring up-to-date sales data and analytics, and an app for securely storing and accessing passwords, just to mention a few. In fact, new Apple Watch-compatible apps are being developed all the time. Make sure you stay on the pulse for worthwhile updates.

Boost your promo pitch

As well as being able to work more efficiently, you can take advantage of the Apple Watch’s user-friendly functionality during face-to-face promotional opportunities. For example, sales and marketing executives might use the Apple Watch to demonstrate the benefits and usability of a company app to prospective clients, customers or investors at a trade show or business meeting.

Even the very appearance of the Apple Watch could make a positive impact in business environments. Wearing a smart watch is widely viewed as an indicator of professionalism, success and strong organisational skills. These are all quality attributes to display when representing your brand.

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