5 Reasons to Use Temporary WiFi for Events

5 Reasons To Use Temporary Wifi For EventsModern events rely on strong WiFi coverage to keep everyone connected all of the time. However, there are business incentives as well. Here we share five reasons to use temporary WiFi for events where connectivity can make a real difference.


In the past, people in your industry would generally turn up to corporate events for live demonstrations, face-to-face networking and the chance to hand out business cards. While this still happens, attendees of contemporary business events also have greater expectations regarding the services, technology and connectivity available. Complimentary WiFi is no longer optional; it’s mandatory.


When weighing up the value of installing strong temporary WiFi for events, consider the volume and broad cross-section of attendees and stakeholders you hope to connect. There are hundreds or potentially even thousands of customers, clients, business partners, employees, contractors and presenters all attempting to join the network – perhaps even on multiple personal devices. Therefore, you can’t afford any bandwidth-related issues. The bigger the event, the more your WiFi network matters.


If providing an internet connection is important, making sure it’s robust and powerful enough for peak usage periods is essential. Having done your pre-event forecasts on when and to what extent the WiFi network is likely to be under strain (from more devices, downloads and streaming, etc.), you should then establish the level of bandwidth and frequency required to cope with this anticipated usage.


Beyond securing your business reputation and providing a reliable service, what’s the advantage of temporary WiFi for events that won’t let you down at a critical moment? The short answer: better engagement with attendees. You’re running this event to engage with a particular audience. However, you can’t do that without the right internet coverage supporting your interactive technology and digital marketing strategies. With this in mind, a custom WiFi network enables attendees to access official event apps, keynotes/sessions, information platforms, downloadable content, video demonstrations, social media conversations, online surveys/competitions and more. The opportunities for these interactions are why you’re running an event in the first place.


If you’re taking stakeholder engagement to another level by live streaming your business event to those at the venue or anywhere around the world, you’ll need networking equipment and WiFi coverage that’s up to the task. The impact of live video streaming is only as powerful as the connection that makes it possible. In fact, distributing poor-quality event video footage is probably worse than having no stream at all.

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