6 Ways Live Streaming Events Can Benefit Your Business

live streaming events
Live streaming video content to PCs, laptops, smartphones and even directly to the audience has become an extremely popular and powerful way to establish a stronger connection between brands and consumers. In this article we explore how live streaming events like product launches and demonstrations can benefit your business.


There are so many live streaming platforms available, and all offer different features and advantages. Thus, there are many opportunities for your business to reach new markets you might have missed previously. Now you can open dialogues with broader demographics through the video streaming functionality of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There are also many great emerging alternatives such as Vimeo, Twitch, Busker, DaCast, and plenty more.


One of the major business advantages of live streaming events is the ability to stand out from your competitors in a crowded online marketplace. The latest research suggests video content is significantly more engaging than other formats. Therefore, a live streamed event or activity has great potential to make a genuine mark on your target audience.


Large and small businesses regularly talk about showcasing the brand’s personality. But how well do you actually manage to do it? Live streaming events provides a unique chance to really speak to your audience in your brand’s true voice. Furthermore, it allows you to highlight some of the exciting things your business has been doing behind the scenes. Basically, a live video broadcast is your time to shine.


Since brand growth is strongly linked to brand exposure, business live streaming can be an effective method of promoting your business and its products, services, special offers, etc. Give your digital marketing campaign a major boost by connecting consumers to relevant events through live streamed video feeds and associated social media conversations. If you’re lucky enough to go viral (in the good way) with a creative campaign, it could work wonders for new sales and sign-ups.


Live streaming is not only useful for fostering online interactions around the world, but it can also provide fantastic value as a communication tool at the event itself. For example, video walls placed around the venue and supported by live streaming software help you share key promotional messages or make important announcements about safety and scheduling updates.


When implemented as part of an overall marketing strategy, live video streaming is often a rather cost-effective solution. If you have set up your event with a quality video equipment rental and the right streaming software or web-based application, you can actually stream the content without stretching the budget too far. You’ll be able to do a lot more with a lot less money than you might ever have imagined.

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