Hire the Best Large Scale Display Solution for Your Business

Hire the Best Large Scale Display Solution for Your BusinessEffective visual information and marketing display is more important than ever for brands trying to cut through the noise. That’s why it’s wise to consider many factors when hiring the best large scale display for a venue or event. These include space and layout; your overall budget; the technology’s suitability for your multimedia content display requirements; and whether it will be used indoors or outdoors.

So, which large display solution is right for you and your organisation? Let’s cast our eyes over some of the biggest and boldest visual equipment rental options available.


It’s hard to look past a giant video wall. Seriously, it’s a massive piece of equipment guaranteed to draw an audience’s attention to your visual messages.

Custom video walls pack a visual punch. You’ll be broadcasting important messages, live streaming events and showing product demonstrations in busy environments where you compete with many other attractions and distractions. Therefore, overall screen quality and picture clarity matters. Opt for a seamless or semi-seamless image solution with bezels of less than 6mm between screen displays.

You can install quality video wall solutions by NEC, Samsung and other leading brands in different sizes to suit your needs simply by connecting and configuring multiple LED video screens. Being able to customise the scale of the display means your video wall is always the perfect fit for the space. Such versatility alone is a major advantage over alternative display solutions.

LED posters are another excellent option. You’ll often see these LED walls as backdrops for live music performances. However, the technology is now cheaper and the definition is getting better, so they’re now very realistic and effective solutions for exhibitions and conferences.


For an even more budget-friendly display solution, check out the range of large projector screens and full HD video projectors for hire. If you don’t necessarily need to make a statement with your technology, but you still want to get the message across, this more traditional technology could be the answer. Consider using quality data projectors for business meetings, presentations and training courses.

Alternatively, simply try a very large TV or a high-enough stand, or even multiple TVs spaced alongside the audience. These cheaper solutions work well if you have limited space or time to set up.

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