Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content Using the Latest Tech

interactive contentDo you need to do more than display basic data? Consider how technology can help you deliver the type of dynamic, interactive content that really makes a difference.

Perhaps you’re preparing an important presentation or setting up a stand at a key industry exhibition. Whatever the scenario, your ability to truly engage your audience often relies on employing the best tech, from iPads and touchscreens to interactive boards and multi-talented ‘smart screens’.


If you’ve ever found yourself awkwardly reading through an outdated slideshow or asking for feedback and questions at the end of a long video – without ever really connecting to your audience along the way – you’ll appreciate the benefits of bringing your content to life.

Let’s say you’re representing the company at an exhibition, trade show or launch event. Wouldn’t it make sense to incorporate multiple touchscreens on stands so team members can easily demonstrate ideas and applications to hundreds of different visitors throughout the day?

Now imagine you really want to shine during a big presentation or get attendees actively involved in a brainstorming or training session. By sharing content via a fully interactive board, you and everyone else in the room can collaborate on the run. Additionally, you could provide individual iPads pre-loaded with your presentation material. This will allow each attendee to absorb and analyse the details.


It’s great to have all this modern functionality at your fingertips – literally. However, you can still take your interactive content to a whole new level. We’re talking about shared interactive touchscreens (‘smart screens’). These turn any space (or spaces) into an amazing multimedia environment with wow factor, flexibility and connectivity.

One of the main features of these newer devices is the ability to simply switch between different content on the board (including video), and with the right arrangement work near simultaneously with people on the other side of the world who are correctly using the same setup. Of course, you can also draw notes and designs on the screen anytime with either a hand or stylus.

The higher-spec models combine with video conferencing facilities. They feature a built-in camera and microphone, so nobody ever has to leave their own office, let alone travel long distances for meetings. Any corporation can now save time and money by annotating and sharing meeting content on the latest smartboard screens. This type of interactivity has the potential to get your message across in ways that weren’t previously possible.

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