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Event Supplier Tips – 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vendor

To put on a business event, you need quality equipment. Whether you’re hiring IT hardware, audio-visual gear or the latest interactive technology, these event supplier tips can help you choose the right vendor.

Event Supplier Tips – 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Vendor


It’s one of the more obvious event supplier tips to keep in mind, but firstly, you need to hire technology that can do the job required and won’t let you down when it counts. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the best deal on a business rental, as long as you don’t compromise on quality at the end of the day. The equipment you ultimately hire can make or break the event, so do your research and choose carefully to guarantee success. Reliable tech is the difference between a desktop rental that helps you get through the work day and one that falls apart when you need it most.


Equipment rentals allow you to take advantage of the best tech on the market without blowing your budget.  Given how quickly technology evolves, it makes sense to align with an event supplier that constantly upgrades its inventory to include the latest and greatest equipment for various applications.


Never underestimate the importance of working with vendors that really know what they’re talking about. There are always multiple tech solutions for any application or challenge. However, consulting with an expert helps you walk away with the optimal equipment for your specific needs. A good supplier will be happy to discuss everything from venue and space requirements to connectivity options and display capabilities. Expert advice matters more than ever when you’re preparing for presentations and demonstrations to a live audience of industry stakeholders.


Trust is a big deal in the event management sector. There’s a lot to be said for using experienced vendors you’ve worked with successfully in the past, or that come highly recommended, because you know they’re able to deliver on their promises. Beyond providing assurances that the equipment itself is in perfect working order, a reliable supplier also gives you confidence that you’ve made the correct decision on make, model, quantity, specs  and more.


Despite all the best-laid plans and meticulous preparations, sometimes things go wrong at a live event. In such a scenario, you’ll be extremely thankful to have selected an equipment and service supplier that offers ongoing support. Preferred vendors are available to assist you all the way and happy to solve problems. Ask about the level of post-rental support you’ll receive when scouting potential suppliers. If you hire a notebook and you are experiencing technical difficulties, you’ll want to know friendly customer support is just a phone call away

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