iPads on Stands Can Give You the Edge at Business Events

Looking for an edge to better engage with prospective customers and other stakeholders at your next business event? Look to sleek technology your stakeholders will be impressed by, and familiar with!

iPads on Stands Can Give You The Edge At Business Events

Making iPads available to staff, exhibition visitors or meeting attendees on quality stands makes your investment in website, presentation, questionnaire or e-brochure worthwhile. This is especially true if you have the technology mounted, or presented in a way that makes engagement easy.


The types of iPad stands or mounts you hire should depend on factors such as the size and layout of the venue, the number of people attending, and your overall vision for how this business event will run. Fortunately, there are various tablet stands, mounts and kiosks for hire to fit every place and purpose.

In most cases you will want to choose between a visually striking floor-standing design or a compact, efficient countertop design. These iPad stands look highly professional and help to create an appealing presentation area for your staff to do business. Just as importantly, both versions offer a stable, secure and functional home for each Apple tablet to live throughout the course of the event. It is also possible to mount your devices on the wall for a simple yet stylish look.

Stands and mounts for hire have specific security features that make them ideal for public places and business events with high foot traffic. For example, a hinged door locks over the tablet and covers the home key. Therefore, you can restrict people to only access programs, presentations and application content you’ve designed in advance.


If your content is worth sharing, or you’re looking for information to be entered by visiting stakeholders, then it’s worth setting up your equipment in an attractive and convenient way.

An iPad on a stand is a strong, modern visual statement. With the correct content, it can also be an engaging, immersive customer experience. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this relatively quick and simple solution for boosting interaction and engagement.

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