Your Last-minute Checklist for Exhibition Display Equipment

Your Last-minute Checklist For Exhibition Display EquipmentOrganising a promotional stand for the next major exhibition, conference or trade show? Remember, no matter how prepared you think you are, there’s often room to improve your setup and stand out from the crowd. Here’s our guide to checking your exhibition display equipment will be ready to go when the opening bell sounds. Can you tick the following boxes?



Before you give a tech talk or product demo, there’s another important statement to make – a visual statement! Visitors should be amazed from the moment they lay eyes on your highly engaging, professional-looking stand. Ask yourself, will your branding and key messages be immediately obvious through the use of banners, product display stands, or even better, high-end audio-visual equipment like a huge LED/LCD widescreen monitor or the spectacular NEC Video Wall? Screens are far more flexible and impressive than fixed stands. Hence, it’s well worth investing in digital display equipment if you haven’t already.



These large-scale industry events represent excellent opportunities for your company to demonstrate the value of its products and services to a relevant audience of buyers. Of course, to take advantage, you need to use technology that gets the message across clearly. Consider hiring a handheld wireless microphone for better short presentations. Additionally, try digital devices like tablets and monitors to share and show off content like professional product demo videos.



The ability to network face-to-face and build worthwhile business relationships with existing or prospective customers and suppliers is a massive benefit of trade shows over alternative marketing methods. Technology can also help you develop and maintain these connections. First, with so much going on around the venue, it’s essential to give visitors a reason to spend time at your stand. An interactive smart board or a Giant iTab, for example, put you in control of the conversation. Simply connect it to the cloud and enjoy direct access to the multimedia material most relevant for whoever is visiting your stand at that moment.



The reality of big live events is that things sometimes go wrong. What happens if you experience a logistical challenge out of your control? It could be an equipment shipping delay, or restricted pre-show delivery times. Don’t worry – exhibition equipment rentals can come to the rescue anytime you need. Ensure your stand makes its best impression from the start – be prepared to hire any missing equipment at the very last minute.

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