Make Your Mark and Connect the Crowd with the Giant iTab

Giant iTabAt some events you need a supply of tablet devices so attendees can access your digital content. At other events you need only one device – the Giant iTab – so attendees want to access your digital content.


Traditional handheld tablets and elevated Giant iTabs offer much the same functionality, yet very different benefits. While both devices allow people to connect to the internet, visit approved websites, use relevant apps, read important information or view multimedia marketing campaigns, only the Giant iTab makes a massive impression in the process.

Giant iTabs are 27, 42 or 55 inches in size. They are fitted to either a fixed stand or mobile stand on wheels. Touchscreens with these dimensions and designer aesthetics will stand out almost anywhere. They prove particularly memorable (not to mention fun to use) at business conferences, exhibitions and all manner of public-facing events.

Demonstrating a new app or product in action to a small group? Let your audience gather around, then deliver that presentation knowing everyone can actually see what’s going on. Then, after the presentation, you may even invite individuals to have a go with the device at their leisure.


Sure, these large-scale replica tablets look very impressive. However, they still need to deliver the simple yet comprehensive experience of a standard connected device. As it turns out, this is where the Giant iTab truly shows it value.

Thanks to a familiar look and feel, combined with 10-point touch interface and complete interactivity, users are able to control the Giant iTab just as they would their own iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet, without ever needing to hold it in their hands.

Clients and visitors are therefore more likely to use a Giant iTab over alternative equipment for the purposes you hired it in the first place. For example, discovering apps, engaging with digital content, and sharing data that’s useful to your organisation.

Giant by name, giant by size, and giant by impact; this is one piece of interactive technology everyone has their eye on. Is it a novelty? Yes, in the best possible way. Does it do the job for which it was designed? Absolutely, plus a little bit more.

To find out how a Giant iTab could be useful to your business, get in touch with Hire Intelligence today!

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