Marketing trends to follow in 2019

Marketing Trends To Follow In 2019

Getting your brand out there and engaging with your customers is key to maximising your business growth. As such, it is important to keep an eye on the latest marketing trends. While online marketing provides an opportunity to reach a vast targeted audience, businesses can sometimes neglect more traditional modes of marketing, such as broadcasting/publishing advertisements or live events. However, these methods still play a very important role. The latest marketing techniques blend new technology and visual formats with classic techniques such as billboards and pop-ups. When embracing marketing trends for your business, the key is to implement a strategy that works both offline and online.

Online marketing trends

More often than not, the most effective online marketing trends are underpinned by one simple concept. Whether it’s improving user-experiences, personalisation or taking a new look at a well-established medium, the simplest approach is often the most effective. Instagram did exactly that with IGTV, which quite literally takes a different view on the experience of watching videos. Instagram understood the frustration of users who disliked rotating their phones to watch videos. Hence, they created a new format that allows users to watch extended videos and live streams recorded in vertical-orientation without rotating the phone. The scheme was a success; a number of users engaged with the platform. Indeed, vertical-form videos are fast becoming an online marketing trend utilised by brands ranging from Spotify to PureGyms.

Offline marketing trends

Offline marketing can provide a tangible experience that is often lacking in online marketing. Technology such as VR and touchscreens provide an interactive experience for potential customers. This is certainly one of the latest marketing trends. Where pop-ups once required a large team of staff and could only deal with a small number of potential clients at any given time, technology such as touch screens or tablets on stands can keep a captive audience as they learn about your product range. Meanwhile, VR can wholly immerse a user while showcasing a product or service

Another recent marketing trend is advertising that interacts with its audience and the environment in which it’s situated. A number of brands have implemented it successfully. For example, a recent marathon held in Pittsburgh, sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods, saw the company place a number of interactive displays on the sidelines where runners could browse and order the latest running gear. Similarly, Apolosophy, a skin care and cosmetics brand, placed a number of displays in a Stockholm subway station depicting a model’s face. When trains passed, sensors on the displays made the model’s hair appear to flow with the breeze. These are both examples how innovative use of video walls can engage customers in unusual spaces and produce memorable marketing that makes its mark.

Both offline and online marketing trends should inform your future marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, online marketing will bring your product to the biggest relevant audience. However, offline marketing provides customers with an engaging and interactive experience of your product or service. The marketing trends of the future will seek to make these two formats complement and work alongside each other.

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