Microsoft Surface Studio is a Desktop PC and Digital Canvas in One

Get A Desktop Pc And Digital Canvas In One With The Microsoft Surface StudioWish you could instantly transform your desk into the ultimate studio for home or the office? This dream is now very much a reality thanks to the latest in hybrid technology developed by IT giant Microsoft. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an an illustrator, architect, editor, graphic designer, digital artist or publishing agency; if you value flexibility in the way you work, then you will benefit. It’s called the Microsoft Surface Studio. It’s part desktop computer, part digital canvas. And it’s all packed into an impressive piece of hardware designed to support your creative pursuits.


The Microsoft Surface Studio is a real computing all-rounder. Indeed, it adjusts to your preferred operating style for each individual project. While that sounds convenient, you’re wondering precisely how it functions, right?

Firstly, the superior versatility of the Surface Studio quite literally hinges on its innovative design. Using a single hand to manoeuvre the product’s ‘Zero Gravity Hinge’, you can effortlessly fold the 28-inch true-to-life screen from an upright desktop position to your desired drafting table angle in ‘studio mode’.

Secondly, when it comes to the flow of those creative juices, an ultra-thin 10-point touch screen (with compatible Surface Pen) ensures an efficient, silky-smooth user experience irrespective of the mode selected. The Surface Studio also comes with Windows 10 Pro. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Microsoft Surface Dial. This enables on- or off-screen interaction with key controls, shortcuts and drawing tools in conjunction with your super-handy Surface Pen.


Housing an i5/i7 Intel Core processor, Intel HD graphics, 1TB rapid hybrid drive, up to 32GB RAM, and up to 4GB GTX GPU, the Microsoft Surface Studio delivers professional-grade power and performance on the inside to match its unique functionality on the outside.

Looking for even more features and benefits from your hybrid desktop rental? The Surface Studio features an eye-popping 13.5 million pixels. Therefore, your creations positively jump off the screen and into your studio. It’s even built to support all the latest creative software and emerging 3D experiences. Hence, it’s one of the most exciting models of its kind for the digital design market.

With technology like this at your fingertips, every sketch and idea has an opportunity to shine. If your next project requires a tool that responds to changing work demands, Microsoft’s amazing Surface Studio could be the answer.

Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Talk to Hire Intelligence about a Surface Studio rental.

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