Screens Linked to Multimedia Content Help You Impress at Events

Multimedia ContentDo you want to promote products and services or provide key information to customers at trade shows and exhibitions, at reception, or in meetings? If so, you should consider the very latest screens linked to multimedia content.

Screens linked to a laptop (touch or otherwise) often perform better than projectors and/or flyers when it comes to presenting information and drawing in crowds.


Your primary goal at any trade show, exhibition, launch party or business conference is to establish real connections. You can do this by sharing tailored content that visitors actually care about. Rather than relying on generic marketing materials and activities, look to the flexibility of a screen linked to multimedia content. It will create a positive impression and ensure people enter and leave with the information they need or desire.

These setups give your company a wonderful opportunity to share custom content. This content can help achieve business objectives like raising brand awareness, growing your membership or subscriber base, or highlighting a new product to an audience of potential buyers.


Static signs and digital displays can deliver simple information or marketing messages. However, screens linked to multimedia content go a few steps further. They provide instant, convenient access to any content, for anyone, at any time. Content can be swiftly changed, so you can tailor messages to specific audiences or times of day with the click of a button. You can also change the media type easily, from product demonstration videos to slide shows and presentations. Furthermore, you can easily access relevant partner apps, websites and web pages.

At Hire Intelligence, we have state-of-the-art LCD, LED and plasma screens in a range of sizes from names like Samsung, Panasonic and JVC. That includes everything from smaller portable screens to huge 103-inch versions. There’s also the NEC Video Wall for when you want something a little bit special. The list of possibilities is as long as that queue of people outside the venue!

To learn more about the capabilities and benefits of hiring screens connected to multimedia content, contact Hire Intelligence now.

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