Plan Successful Meetings with the Latest Conference Equipment

Plan Successful Meetings With the Latest Conference EquipmentFor many of us, various types of meetings tend to dominate the daily, weekly, monthly and annual work calendars. We accept that meetings must take place. But do we actively attempt to take advantage of these opportunities for meaningful connection, communication and content-sharing with our colleagues and external stakeholders? If you want to turn a standard meeting into a successful meeting, try the latest conference equipment for inspiration.

Here are five advantages of hiring new technology for a new type of meeting.


From the regular catch-up within your small department to the annual general meeting (AGM) and the quarterly company updates in between, meetings definitely matter in the modern workplace. A contemporary approach to meetings means each member should have convenient access to the kind of technology they’re accustomed to using; for example, an iPad or Android tablet. Load the devices with relevant information like a meeting agenda, key discussion points, or a copy of your presentation. This will ensure attendees remain fully engaged throughout the process.


You want to deliver a successful boardroom presentation. Therefore, don’t underestimate the value of a smartboard or touch screen rental. By pairing a PC with one of these fully interactive devices and running presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple KeyNote, you’ll be able to add both style and substance to your agenda. You can edit the information on display or showcase different digital content as you go. Remember, interactive equals engaging.


You’ve invited a large audience to an impressive venue for a good reason – to deliver important messages on behalf of the company. Therefore, you need a professional public address system or conference sound system that allows your speakers to be heard clearly all the way to the back of the room. You know from your own experience how frustrating it can be to sit through a meeting trying in vain to listen to proceedings as the microphone plays up or the speaker set-up distorts the sound quality. Don’t let this happen at your meeting! Instead, hire a quality microphone (handheld, headset or lapel, depending on your preferences) with an all-in-one PA system and speakers or even a robust multi-channel PA system for a major conference.


It’s not always feasible to organise a face-to-face meeting, especially when participants are located across multiple offices or cities. However, a video conference equipment rental can solve this problem in a flash. Indeed, all you have to do is connect the hardware and perform an HD video transfer. Then, you can deliver your in-depth presentation to any audience, anywhere. This kind of remote collaboration helps generate positive business outcomes. Furthermore, it doesn’t break the budget through unnecessary business travel, accommodation and venue hire expenses.


A successful meeting is one where collaboration flows easily, and effective bi-directional communication is achieved in a timely manner. In order to meet these objectives, consider hiring an interactive response system that allows individuals to submit live feedback on relevant topics using a voting keypad. As users enter their unique responses with the keypad, information is then transmitted wirelessly to the presenter’s connected laptop. From there, meeting hosts can immediately share some of the collected insights with the whole room or analyse the feedback afterwards to drive informed future business decisions.

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