Surface Hub Software and Interactive Touchscreen Make Collaboration Easy

surface hub softwareThe contemporary workplace is built on the benefits of effective collaboration. Many people across various business locations often need to contribute their skills and ideas to the same task or project. With the Microsoft Surface Hub interactive touchscreen and built-in Surface Hub software, you can take teamwork to a whole new level.


Think of the Microsoft Surface Hub as a computer, interactive display and video conferencing platform all packaged into one powerful machine – either the basic 55-inch touchscreen designed for efficiency or the massive 84-inch model designed for the ultimate visual impact. The Surface Hub comes with a 4th-generation Intel Core Haswell processor; the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 Operating System; simultaneous multi-touch and multi-pen functionality; HD screen display with 120Hz refresh rate; and wide-angle HD cameras to produce outstanding 1080p / 30 fps video.

Yet to fully comprehend what the Surface Hub can do for you? Consider the role of industry-leading Surface Hub software that ultimately enables this technology to meet its requirements and go beyond expectations. It has built-in features such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Office and OneNote, and a comprehensive suite of other useful Windows applications you can access directly via the on-screen menu. Overall, it’s a business solution virtually tailor-made for internal and external communication, note-taking, content editing and information sharing from anywhere.


As a workflow, presentation and project management tool, the Surface Hub has enormous capabilities for a wide array of applications. Indeed, you can achieve a great many things with this rental equipment and the integrated Surface Hub software. However, it’s the ability for multiple team members to work together smoothly that truly stands out.

So, what does collaboration using the Surface Hub look like? It can, for example, mean creating and sharing any combination of documents, video/audio files and digital resources with minimal fuss. Alternatively, it might involve communicating ideas around the world (or just around the corner) through the device’s high-quality video conferencing functionality. Even as a stand-alone device, the Microsoft Surface Hub enables powerful interactivity between all the individuals in a room.

You can also use this technology to analyse data, run meetings, deliver presentations, brainstorm concepts and a whole lot more. Working in groups has never been more efficient or effective.

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