What Does Augmented Reality Do – and How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

What does augmented reality do?
As augmented reality (AR) continues to evolve, AR innovations and applications increasingly influence how we view the world around us. From a corporate and commercial perspective, the opportunities are enormous for those organisations willing to explore a new reality. With this in mind, you might ask: what does augmented reality do? And even more importantly, how can you use AR to your advantage?

Augmented reality is where our actual environment (whether it’s indoor or outdoor) merges with virtual elements (special objects and/or characters) developed with AR software to create a unique visual experience. In essence, the everyday “reality” we see adapts into something more valuable or interesting.

Using a smartphone camera or dedicated AR equipment such as a headset/helmet or smart glasses, anyone can engage with their physical surroundings in unique ways through AR games and applications. For example, the Microsoft HoloLens is a transparent headset that allows users to interact with custom designed holograms in a physical space of their choice. HoloLens is currently one of the most popular augmented reality headsets available for hire, especially among designers, engineers and architects.


We’ve answered the question, ‘What does augmented reality do?’ However, the real excitement comes from understanding how your business or project can benefit from employing AR technology. Indeed, the possibilities might surprise you.

Organisations can leverage AR technology to help achieve a range of objectives. Primarily, AR equipment lets your brand try immersive marketing and gain value by generating tailored extended reality (XR) experiences for clients, customers and event attendees. It could be the look and feel of a particular destination, adventure, product or service; whatever it is you’re looking to share or promote, bespoke AR experiences can make a massive impact.

In addition, your business can also set up a virtual store and e-commerce platform built on AR consumer experiences. Imagine a customer in your target market exploring the features and benefits of a new product line by placing virtual versions of items within their own home or office via an AR app on their phone or tablet.

You can also use AR equipment to undertake an efficient, cost-effective product design and development phase. Microsoft’s ground-breaking HoloLens lets you iterate short-term projects in order to gauge how they might look in real life. Then, you can invest further in the manufacturing process.

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