Pick the Right Event WiFi Network for Maximum Connectivity

Preparing to run a large event where a lot of different people will need to be connected to the internet to perform work-related tasks or digitally engage with your organisation? You’ll need a powerful event WiFi network that stands up to heavy use and complex, bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Pick The Right Event Wifi Network For Connectivity


It’s essential for your event to remain connected from start to finish. Indeed, any network downtime can cause major disruptions, communication issues and negative experiences for your staff and guests that could affect the reputation of your business. Therefore, you simply can’t afford to compromise on the quality and reliability of your temporary WiFi for events. For example, if you hire VR headsets for an interactive event, wifi interruptions could potentially ruin the whole experience.

So how do you ensure such a problem won’t eventuate in the first place? In brief, by assessing the potential scope of your event’s connectivity requirements in advance and setting up a robust WiFi network to handle those challenges.

There are a number of pertinent questions to ask yourself. Firstly, how many people – including attendees, exhibitors and contractors – are you expecting at the venue? Further, how many internet-connected devices might be in use at any one time? And how do you expect people to use the event WiFi? For example, to browse the web and use social media? Or to perform actions that require much greater bandwidth, like accessing special event apps for smartphone and tablet, loading or streaming business live video content, and even running contemporary Internet of Things (IoT) technologies?


Along with bandwidth considerations, it’s also important to factor in the range requirements of your event and venue as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different wireless frequencies available (e.g. 2.4 GHz or 5GHz). Does the size and scale of your event call for rapid data transfers over short distances? Or will it require internet connectivity over a greater distance even at the expense of data speed?

These are questions well worth discussing early in the event planning process. With these in mind, you can implement the optimal event WiFi solution. Often, the answers should involve the selection of networking infrastructure that provides dedicated event WiFi coverage, rather than choosing cellular network coverage simply for budget reasons. Remember, the scale of your event determines the WiFi coverage you need, not the other way around. And the kind of networking infrastructure you need may well include a series of wireless broadband routers and network hubs.

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