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interactive contentDo you need to do more than display basic data? Consider how technology can help you deliver the type of dynamic, interactive content that really makes a difference.

Perhaps you’re preparing an important presentation or setting up a stand at a key industry exhibition. Whatever the scenario, your ability to truly engage your audience often relies on employing the best tech, from iPads and touchscreens to interactive boards and multi-talented ‘smart screens’.


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virtual reality technologyPut simply, Virtual Reality (VR) is the computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment. This exhilarating concept has been around for a while now. However, it’s only in recent years that organisations across different industries have embraced state-of-the-art virtual reality technology as a seriously powerful business tool.

Here are four ways VR solutions make a positive impact in the corporate world.


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Ask any business owner what the least favourite part of running their company is and a good proportion will probably tell you that it’s generating leads. Unfortunately, without a regular stream of leads, you do not have a business. Even businesses that rely on repeat custom need some new leads to replace those clients and customers who inevitably fall away. For that reason, a business marketing strategy is vital.

Not putting a marketing strategy in place is like hosting an amazing party but forgetting to invite the guests. Thankfully, it’s actually very easy to create a business marketing strategy of your own. You don’t need to be a marketing whizz and all it takes are a couple of hours of your time.

So, what are the steps you should take? Here’s our guide…

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Do you think of your smartphone as the highly productive operations department for your personal/work life? If so, wearing a paired Apple Watch is like having the world’s most efficient personal assistant conveniently attached to your wrist.

Yes, your Apple Watch lets you track your own health and fitness (among other handy features for regular life). However, you shouldn’t underestimate this device’s capacity to provide benefits in the business world, too. With the help of one little wearable, you can start working a whole lot smarter.

Get things done on the run

Your Apple Watch makes it possible to get your work done on the run – literally. However, you may want to wait until you’re walking or driving instead. Whichever way you choose to get around, make the most of every minute by tackling important tasks as you travel. Use the voice transcribing feature on your Apple Watch to make notes or send text messages and emails without lifting a finger. Alternatively, download a voice recording app to save important conversations or meeting minutes and listen back to the key points later.

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HD ProjectorWant to project high-quality still images and videos onto a large screen for home theatres, awards presentations, business events, trade show stands, or a whole host of other personal and professional scenarios?

Look no further than Optoma’s EH1020 full HD 3000 lumens projector. It’s a versatile and robust solution for when detail definitely matters.

Achieve picture perfection

Are low-grade optics simply not an option? If so, they designed the EH1020 projector with picture colour and sharpness in mind.

This Optoma model has a 1080 by 1920 by 1080p native resolution, 2200:1 contrast and 3000 ANSI lumens brightness. It consistently produces crystal-clear full HD images. When... Read More